Tubing in Sungai Batang Tangkahan In North Sumatra

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Tubing in Sungai Batang Tangkahan In North Sumatra. Tubing is an activity down the river with the tires up in large-sized cars such as trucks and allow the body to be carried away by the current. One place to do this activity we can do on the river Batang, Tangkahan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Here we are shown by green vegetation of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Tubing in Sungai Batang Tangkahan In North Sumatra

Swinging the flow of the river is quiet with a silent forest edges very appropriate to relax the nerves and mind are tired with the daily routine. If lucky we can see the joke monkey hanging in a tree. Adrenalin will slightly increase the current through the stream which turns heavy. After 4 hours down the river we will arrive at a waterfall gelugur wide and not too high. On the surface of the pond we can pool with comfortable and safe. To enjoy this tubing tour we charged a fee of 200,000.
Towards Tangkahan village can be reached by overland journey using the bus leaving from Terminal Pinang Baris Medan. There are two departure times in one day usually in the morning. If you want more comfort can rent a car but with a higher cost of course. It takes about 3 hours up until the goal.
Some of the tourist attractions that presents the agenda tubing in North Sumatra, among others,
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