The Most Exotic Surf Sport In Indonesia

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The Most Exotic Surf Spot In Indonesia
1. Krui – Lampung
Capital city of central coastal district in western Lampung Regency is known as the tree house damar (Shorea javanica) that only grows in the mountains of Bukit Barisan Selatan. Krui sea virgin black marlin fishing spots within 250 kilometers of Bandar Lampung, or about 6 hours travel time.
Travelers passing arround in Labuhan Jukung beach and Mandiri beach are foreign tourists who bring surfing board. Jimmy’s tongue waves in Pugung Mediation can reach 7 meters in height. For those who are still in the learning phase can take place in the Tanjung Setia. In addition to big waves in the waters enough so as not to worry too much hit the shallow reef.
The Most Exotic Surf Sport In Indonesia
2. Plengkung – East Java
Beautiful and amazing place located at the eastern end of the island of Java, Banyuwangi. Dubbed G Land by international surfers. The ideal place and the adrenaline test. High waves that roll length is a challenge. Plengkung included in the National Park Forest Purwo so access to it are not so smooth.
Klayar – East Java
The string of beaches stretching to the south Pacitan really fascinating keindahannnya. White sand beaches with high waves that hit the reef. Generally waves hitting the reef can be for surfing. High cliffs and wild plants typical of the coast is still seen growing naturally bushy. Eksttra need to struggle to reach this place because of lack of public transport but it is a distinct advantage because of the atmosphere of the beach maintained its authenticity.
3. Seven Waves (Ombak Tujuh) – West Java
Seven Waves is a hidden beach entrance tile Ujung Beach tourist area, Ciracap subdistrict, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. There are seven successive waves rolling on the outskirts of the Indian Ocean. Condition is very quiet and beautiful beaches. This is because to get to this beach must pass through a stressful trip. Edge tiles from the beach we rent a boat to cross the high waves. Another alternative is to use a motorcycle past a sharp winding cobbled streets.

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