The Greenest City In The World And Fresh Tourist Favorite

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The Greenest City In The World And Fresh Tourist Favorite. This time I will share about the area’s most green and fresh in the world. One of its characteristics is the place to have an environmentally friendly concept that was initiated by the local government and fully supported by the population. In addition to the freshness and comfort of the city can also attract tourists to visit the area.
The Greenest City In The World And Fresh Tourist Favorite

1. Reykjavik, Iceland
The city is the capital of the state of Ireland which is very close to the north pole. To meet the electricity needs using wind power and geothermal energy is environmentally friendly. Public transportation made of hydrogen so as not to cause air pollution. So the town was claimed as the most green and blue skies most of the world. Therefore a lot of wiasatawan who visit to enjoy the natural beauty and freshness of the air.

2. Vancouver, Canada
One proof with the most green city in the world is when the Olympic Games of winter they use a medal of electronic waste. The stadium is constructed also has an environmentally friendly concept. Wind energy, solar, sea waves fully utilized to meet the electricity needs for its citizens.

3. Curitiba, Brazil

Shifted to South America, specifically to the country of football, namely Brazil. Here there is a town called curitiba which is the capital of the state of Parana. At first this is a gold mining area. With the passing of time now curitiba become more green and fresh to the local community and tourists. This is because the local government built many parks and botanical gardens. Also encourages people not wearing their motor vehicles.
4. Malmo, Sweden
A largest city in Sweden which has a population of many countries that holds the cosmopolitan city. Malmo city government continues to build a bike path that people reduce the use of motorized vehicles so that pollution can be reduced and make the city more green and environmentally friendly.
5. Portland, United States
Transportation is one contributor to air pollution. Thus the city of portland choose an alternative to light rail transit. Build widest bike lane in order for people to use bikes and leave their motor vehicles. This they did with the aim of reducing carbon emissions are kept mangancam environment.

Similarly articles The Greenest City In The World And Fresh Tourist Favorite. Hopefully useful and still keep the preservation of our environment. thanks

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