Surfing Bono In Sungai Kampar Riau Indonesia

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Surfing Bono In Sungai Kampar Riau Indonesia. Bono is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the confluence of the river and ocean currents. Strong waves enter through the mouth of the river and urged up miles away upstream. This push will cause a wave-like waves that can be ridden by surfers. There are two rivers in the world that have the phenomenon bono that is the Amazon river South America and Indonesia Riau Kampar river.
Surfing Bono In Sungai Kampar Riau Indonesia
Kampar River is located in Riau province of Indonesia. Bono is formed from the convergence phenomenon Kampar river flows and current South China Sea. Here there was only one wave alone but up to 7 waves with a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Local people called him with a wave of the Seven Ghosts. The scenery is fabulous and fascinating. Therefore, in terms of quality waves Kampar more powerful than the Amazon.
Bono waves can reach a height of 6 meters during the full moon in August and December. Big wave peak occurred in November and February. This is the one that invites surfers from anywhere in the world to come and try it. There are different shades while surfing the Kampar river compared to surf in the sea because surfers will get a special experience at this place.

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