Krakatau | Mount Changing World History

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Krakatau | Mount Changing World History. Mount Krakatau (Krakatoa), located in southern Lampung – Indonesia is famous throughout the world because of eruptions that occurred 100 years ago, exactly in 1883. The eruption is heard to Perth, Australia within 3000 kilometers. The volcanic dust is able to block out sunlight for months. 1927 emerged from the caldera of a mountain called Anak Krakatau.

Krakatau | Mount Changing World History

Mount Anak Krakatau become a tourist attraction that draws tourists both domestic and foreign. To get to this location from Merak, Banten we can ride the ferry to the port of Bakauheni Lampung. The next goal is Trump by using public transport which takes about 1 hour. Then proceed to the port to go to the island Canti Sebesi which is the closest island Mount Anak Krakatau. On the island Sebesi enough for overnight lodging and continue the journey up the mountain Anak Krakatau in the morning. Sebesi from the island to Mount Anak Krakatau takes about 2 hours by ship.

Climbing the mountain Anak Krakatau is an extraordinary experience and only takes half an hour. To perform this activity must be accompanied by guides who are proficient and experience because the mountain has an active character that can be issued at any time of volcanic activity which could endanger tourists.
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