Given The History of Tugu Mac Arthur Jayapura Indonesia

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Given The History of Tugu Mac Arthur Jayapura Indonesia. Indonesia Papua province is very famous with incredible natural content such as gold and copper. But besides that this area holds the potential tremendous tourism with its natural beauty, tradition and culture remain intact and firmly held by the public. The potential is certainly an asset for the region in Papua such as Jayapura district to make it as a source of local revenue that would improve the community economy.
Given The History of Tugu Mac Arthur Jayapura Indonesia
One must-see tourist destination while in Jayapura are Tugu Mac Arthur. This monument is a relic of the Headquarters of the Regional Southwest Pacific, the United States Army in the Far East, Fleet Seventh Air Force Fifth, Ninth Army Six, Army All Eight, troops landing Allied And Air Force allies led by General Douglas MacArthur landed in Papua on 22 april 1944. the location is in the area Ifar Mountains, Jayapura regency, Papua, Indonesia. From this place can see a beautiful view of the city along Lake Sentani Sentani charming.

Mac Arthur and his men numbering 12 companies to stay in this area for three years while preparing an attack toward the Philippines. It can be seen from the records displayed in the documentation room at this monument. Memorials to the history of World War 2 has been protected by law No. 5 of 1992 on the cultural heritage.

Position at the top of the hill is very supportive to be a monitoring of the surrounding area. Every year there are some people who visit the monument Mac Arthur is claimed descent from Mac Arthur’s forces nostalgia to the place where his predecessor had been here.

Given such articles Given The History of Tugu Mac Arthur Jayapura Indonesia. May be useful and be a tourist destination reference our shared history. Thank you

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