Gitgit Village Bali | The Best Location Canyoning Of The World’s

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Gitgit Village Bali | The Best Location Canyoning Of The World’s. Canyoning is a sport that combines extreme down the valley, following the flow of the river by swimming, walking and sliding, down a waterfall, as well as rope jumping from a height into water. Truly a very exciting adventure and spots for you. The best places in the world to perform the activities of canyoning is a famous Waterfall in the village with abjek waterfall tour. It is located about 13 kilometers south of the capital of the Regency of Buleleng Singaraja or approximately 70 kilometers north of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Here are illustrations of canyoning in the village waterfall, Bali, Indonesia.
Gitgit Village Bali | The Best Location Canyoning Of The World's
  1. Waterfall PDAM. Sliding rope or rappelling from the side of the waterfall has a height of 26 meters. Take a dip in the pool beneath 
  2. The waterfall Campuhan / twin waterfall. Down the cliff with a rope in as high as 7 meters after that slide or sliding. 
  3. Makalangan waterfall with a height of 25 meters. Rappelling from a height of 20 meters, jumped as high as 3 meters of the reef next to sliding
  4. The waterfall waterfall, followed by a high level of 17 meters. Rappelling from a height of as high as 10 meters. Quit at an altitude of 6 meters from the surface of the pond. Sneak behind a waterfall then jumped into the pool. 

We just choose to want to canyoning in the waterfall which. Prepare clothing and equipment standards. Clothing using material from suit of sort of neoprene scuba. Seat belts (harness) complete with one set of ring hooks (carabiner), helmet, gloves, boots, kernmantle rope and bags. To make it more secure and practical should follow a canyoning tour packages available there. One is the Adventure and Spirit that has possess a certificate of the International Professional Organization for Canyoning. Thus article Gitgit Village Bali | The Location Of The World’s Best Canyoning. May be useful and thank you

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