Embroidering Ulos In The Village Of Jangga North Sumatra Indonesia

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Embroidering Ulos In The Village Of  Jangga North Sumatra, Indonesia. Traditional Batak tribal life still takes place in the village of Jangga, Toba Samosir, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The villagers live by upholding the culture and customary law in the middle of unspoiled nature. The fragrance name of this village has been known to the Netherlands and Germany. The village is located on the slopes Simanuk-Manuk within about 24 killometer of Parapat Lake Toba. Generally the tourists to stop in the village of Jangga after enjoying the beauty of Lake Toba.
Embroidering Ulos In The Village Of  Jangga North Sumatra, Indonesia

The air here is cool and fresh. We will be treated to views of women who make Ulos in the yard. Ulos their famous artificial powerful, intricate motifs and more beautiful. They will be happy to teach us embroider Ulos.

Hobo custom homes are estimated to have hundreds of years old but still sturdy and strong to dominate the village jangga. The walls are gorga which is typical Batak carving. At the end of the village there are two tombs of King Batak, King Tambun and King Ma.
Towards this village can use a landline with a travel time of about 5 hours. The trip will not be boring because of the scenery along the way we were served by a charming natural beauty Batak. No need to worry if you want to spend the night or stay home stay available for many houses.

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