Easy Ways to Make the Most Delicious Fried Rice | Nasi Goreng

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Easy Ways to Make the Most Delicious Fried Rice | Nasi Goreng. This time I would like to invite readers to enjoy one of the most delicious culinary and popular in Indonesia, namely Nasi Goreng. Food is just lost rendang padang as the most delicious food polling version of CNN International in 2011. Generally, the Indonesian people must have felt even when a US president visited Jakarta in 2010 Nasi Goreng became the main menu and he praised pleasures.
Easy Ways to Make the Most Delicious Fried Rice | Nasi Goreng
Therefore, very familiar in Indonesia most mention as dishes from Indonesia. But apparently Nasi Goreng has historical roots of the culture of the Chinese community in the year 4000 BC. It is not independent of the attitude of those who do not want to throw away leftover rice the night before. So if such an extent that they become Nasi Goreng. Along the way, those who trade habits to various places and stayed in the area to make many variations of Nasi Goreng. Ranging from Nasi Goreng Putih, Nasi Goreng Kambing, Nasi Goreng Petai, Nasi Goreng Pattaya, Singapore fried rice or fried rice Fukien.
But this time I will just try to make a simple Nasi Goreng menu. Her process is easy, but it feels good guaranteed. The main ingredient is white rice. Spices supplied are 3 pieces of red peppers, red onion 3 pieces, 2 pieces of garlic and salt. Additionally eggs and chives. The third puree seasoning with pulverized way. Heat oil in a pan, after the heat enter the seasoning that has been smoothed. Add the eggs, stirring frequently, then pour the rice. Reduce the heat stove. After seasoning spread evenly on rice sprinkle chives. Stir again until blended. Pour the Nasi Goreng dish. The dish is ready for 2 servings.
Please see also the video-making process of this fried rice:

Thus the article How To Make The Most Delicious Fried Rice | Nasi Goreng. Hopefully useful and thank you.

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