Climb Mount Rinjani Through Torean

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Climb Mount Rinjani Through Torean. Mount Rinjani is located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. There are three paths to get to the peak of Senaru, sembulun and Torean. The view over the course Torean more beautiful and varied than the two other lines. Along this path climbers through heavy woods, teving, valleys, winding seungai, waterfalls and hot springs are a number of great sebaian flowing in the cave.
Climb Mount Rinjani Through Torean
1. Village Torean
600 meters above sea level. The last village before climbing Mount Rinjani. From here begins the ascent to Rinjani
2. Post Pancor Greneng
900 meters above sea level. Heading this break is in the forest area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park. In this post there is a river and a source of clear water.
3. Plawangan Torean
1200 meters above sea level. In Plawangan Sasak language means the door. This place is believed to be the entrance to the nature Rinjani. Local people are always doing a ritual to pray to be given salvation while climbing Rinjani.

4. Post Propok

1511 meters above sea level. This post is the meeting of two rivers. A river of clear water that can be drunk while the other is the Kokok Putih river water containing sulfur that can not be consumed. Kokok Putih tipped in the lake Segara Anak. Here also provided a source of hot water.
5. Cave Taman and Cave Susu
1700 meters above sea level. Inside the cave Taman there is pond water source. While Cave Susu is a cave hot springs. These two caves in the locals usually ritual treatment.
6. Lake Segara Anak
2000 meters above sea level. Torean lanes will culminate in the lake Segara Anak. This is a meeting Torean track with two other climbing routes, namely Senaru Rinjani and Sembalun.

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