Charm Romantic Love Island | Pulau Cinta Boalemo Gorontalo

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Charm Romantic Love Island | Pulau Cinta Boalemo Gorontalo. Indonesia is a haven for tourists who visit. Natural beauty is extraordinary to make anyone always tempted to come and want to go back again to the State’s Emerald of the Equator. Maybe we always think only Bali or Raja Ampat who entered plan a vacation destination. In the province of Gorontalo precisely in the District Tilamuta Bolihutuo Beach, the district was there an attraction that is required to be written in the destination list of your walks. His name is Pulau Cinta.

Charm Romantic Love Island | Pulau Cinta Boalemo Gorontalo

As the name implies this Love heart-shaped island. Surrounded by sea water clear blue so that when you are on it can see fish with various shapes and colors that swim to and fro, corals interesting sea also looked seas that will give the sensation of beauty that is not possible you meet at another place. There are 15 pieces of water resort villa provided by the manager for you to stay and enjoy their romantic night on the island of love.

Let’s wait no longer. Come and experience the romantic charm of the island directly in love with the family and the people you care about and love. Have a good vacation. thank you
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